November is late fall in Albania, which means cooler temperatures, a chance of rain, and practically no other tourists. If you're interested in city attractions and cultural sites in ancient towns, November is a great time to visit. Find out more about seeing Albania in November.


November is late fall in Albania, and the temperatures dip dramatically in this month from the highs of summer and early fall. For example, the average temperature in Tirana is 50°F (10°C), with colder nights and generally warmer days. Mountain areas, however, will be a few degrees colder, and progressively so as you rise in altitude, although snow isn't likely to be a problem on the roads until the winter or late November at the earliest.

The fall and winter seasons tend to be wet in Albania, so plan your clothing and itinerary accordingly.

Crowds & Costs

November is the low season in Albania, although even the peak season (summer) doesn't see the same influx of visitors as some neighboring Mediterranean countries. If you'd like to enjoy the city and historic attractions without many other tourists, November is a good time to come to Albania. Many hotels and restaurants in coastal areas shutter during the off-season. If visiting the coast, stay in a city such as Sarandë that never entirely shuts down, rather than a small town that does. In November, you might even find significant discounts from businesses that haven't yet closed for the season.

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Where to Go

Base yourself in the capital city, Tirana, at least for a few days. There are some cool, offbeat attractions to enjoy here, such as the defunct Piramida, the monuments of Skanderbeg Square, the National History Museum, and Bunk'Art, a museum and gallery in an underground bunker.

It's easy to get out of the city and explore farther afield on day trips from Tirana, too. Krujë can be reached on a day trip and has a beautiful medieval castle and mountain views. A little farther, and a good choice for an overnight stay, is Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with well-preserved Ottoman architecture on a hillside.

What to Do

Film enthusiasts have another reason to make a beeline for Tirana in November: the Tirana Film Festival (see more below). You'd be forgiven for not having seen any Albanian films before, and this is your chance to change that. The festival also welcomes international movies and directors.

If you enjoy spotting colorful fall leaves, November is a great time to visit Albania. Depending on altitude and latitude, the colors of the trees in the national parks and even just in the cities turn in October and November. Qafshtama National Park northeast of Tirana, Shebenik–Jabllanica National Park in the east near the border with North Macedonia, and the Dobërdol Mountains in the far north near the borders with Montenegro and Kosovo are ideal places for leaf-peeping adventures.

Events in November

Tirana Film Festival, Tirana. Albania's most significant movie event is held in the capital and includes documentary, animation, and experimental film categories. Note that while it's usually in November, the month has sometimes changed.

Independence Day, nationwide. Albania celebrates its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912 on November 28. It's a holiday throughout the country, but Tirana is a perfect place to be for the celebrations, with concerts and other events throughout the city.

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