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Morocco Travel Agents

(657 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Morocco:
"I had a pleasant experience planning my family’s trip to Morocco using KimKim and working with Majid." Diane · May 31, 2023
"We worked with Mohamed during the planning stage." Emily A. · May 30, 2023
"We had a wonderful trip to Morocco despite the late planning /organizing- The local specialists, Ali and Said were extremely helpful and assited us in tailoring our trip to fit all our needs." Meera · May 21, 2023
Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel Agents

(593 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Costa Rica:
"Nuria went way beyond in helping me plan trip." Wanda · May 28, 2023
"Jean Carlo really made sure our honeymoon was planned perfectly!" Hanna · May 28, 2023
"When I tried to determine where to go/what to do on my own I just got overwhelmed, but Yuliana put together an unforgettable trip." Debra · May 25, 2023
RandallOlmanFranciscoAlexMarkYulianaChristopherCharlotteNancyRosaSergioBryanVeronicaDennisPhilNuriaPaolaKatherineJean CarloFiorella

Italy Travel Agents

(333 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Italy:
"Fabio was fantastic at helping us plan and execute a first-time, 5-day trip through Italy." Ellen · May 29, 2023
"Our trip to Italy was booked on Kimkim through Ina, who ensured that my requests were taken care of as they arised during the planning process." Lindsay · May 28, 2023
"Our local travel specialist, Andrea, went out of his way to procure a last minute dinner reservation on a busy Sunday night at a local's restaurant which proved to be delicious!" Kerry · May 27, 2023
TasosHarrisGloriaFabioEdmondoEmiSoniaLisaAndreaMonicaIfigeniaEleniTomazJessicaLoriChrisInaIreneMariannaValeriaElenaMaria GraziaStephaniaParaskevasCeciliaEvyeniaMorenoChiaraFabioBARBARADeborahThanosGiuliaAriannaBenedettaLorenzaAlbertoLuciaBenedettaBarbaraEiriniChiaraFrancesca

Greece Travel Agents

(532 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Greece:
"Christos, is a wonderful person and experienced which really helped us on our travels." Dorothy · May 30, 2023
"Rave reviews for Christos and the Travel 12 team." Lisa · May 30, 2023
"Just wanted to say Hara did an Excellent job in helping plan out trip to Greece." Justin · May 30, 2023
TasosChristosHarrisChrisRebeccaStefanosEiriniIfigeniaEleniChrisAmaliaAngela (Aggeliki)HaraAntonisInaIreneMariannaNadiaStephaniaParaskevasEvyeniaAntonisThanosDimosDimitriosEffieNikosGizemAlexandraGeorginaMarilizaDimitriosAfroditiThalia

Iceland Travel Agents

(552 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Iceland:
"I had a great time on the trip that Terry helped set up for me throughout Iceland." Anthony · May 30, 2023
"I’m most happy to have chosen KimKim and Francesca for my first trip to Iceland." Anna L · May 26, 2023
"We are experienced travelers and were quite pleased with the attention and information and recommendations provided by our local specialist Adam, who was quite knowledgeable of Iceland and the wide variety of locations, sights and activities available ." John · May 19, 2023
PreetiEmanuelaMicheleJennyOthmanTerryRinoldaAndrés ÚlfurSigurðurJanelFrancescaDuncanHalldórSilvíaLisbetEvaÈricHannaElisa Guðlaug SnælandGuðmundur ÓliKrešoAdamVeronikaHilary

Norway Travel Agents

(368 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Norway:
"Organized, friendly and knowledgeable guidance I thoroughly enjoyed planning a family trip for four adults with Lisa and her team." Lisa · May 30, 2023
"I didn’t have time to figure out what to do and Maria and the team made this trip perfect." Brian · May 29, 2023
"My agent, Christina, was wonderful." Karen · May 29, 2023
LindaJuliaTriciaChristinaMeréeEzdiTom ChristerKarolinaGaiaKristaJoannaMariaMathiaAnnaLisaMarKarenEthelEliiseElineAnuPaolah

Spain Travel Agents

(246 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Spain:
"Dalia organised a fantastic itinerary which covered all of the sites/places we were keen to see across northern Spain." Gordon · May 30, 2023
"We loved the accommodations but mores loved the personal attention given by Raquel and Eugenia." Randall · May 29, 2023
"Entire trip met our expectations regarding hotel quality, logistics and service by Marina and The Espiritu team." Stephen · May 27, 2023

Portugal Travel Agents

(199 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Portugal:
"All in all, we had a fantastic trip and were so happy with Marta and the Kimkim team as always." Karen · May 30, 2023
"Catarina was so helpful so and thorough." Terri · May 26, 2023
"Pedro made our first trip to Portugal beyond memorable." Claire · May 26, 2023

France Travel Agents

(154 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for France:
"Our planner Lise was absolutely terrific." Eilish · May 29, 2023
"We wanted a customized experience and KimKim and our travel agent Amandine really stepped up to provide a once in a lifetime trip." Susan · May 29, 2023
"Mathilde was very helpful with planning for the France portion of our 3 week France and Italy adventure." Karen · May 25, 2023

Vietnam Travel Agents

(144 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Vietnam:
"A special thanks to Long who put the itinerary together and checked in with me each day to see how the day went and to prepare me for the next day." Joel · May 4, 2023
"From the moment Dat contacted me, and asked what we wanted to do, his suggestions were all fantastic, and we nervously booked through him, on Version 6 of his planning." Lindy · May 1, 2023
"First off, our main point of contact, Long Pham, representing Realistic Asia and Kimkim did an amazing job planning our trip to Vietnam and Thailand." Evan · Apr 23, 2023
CamelliaSens AsiaLinhHuyenHienLongThaoAshleyLaceyKellyTomTrangHaDatMinhAlexLucyTerrySandySunnyKienLinhJenny

Croatia Travel Agents

(258 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Croatia:
"We recently returned from a fabulous trip to Croatia which was arranged by Sarah and Ivan Cosic of Royal Croatian Tours." Robert · May 30, 2023
"Nikola was fantastic." Ann · May 29, 2023
"We were assigned to Anna-Maria to arrange our trip." Freddy · May 27, 2023

Colombia Travel Agents

(343 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Colombia:
"Michael was very helpful in putting our trip together and taking into account our interests." Janette · May 14, 2023
"Michael from Chaska tours proposed an excellent itinerary and was attentive to our wishes and needs during the planning phase, and was very patient with our endless questions." Kirstin · Apr 24, 2023
"Margoth helped us put together a fantastic, varied 8-day sampling of Colombia, starting in Bogotá and the surrounding Andean Highlands, making a quick detour to the Coffee Region, and ending with some (relatively) relaxed days on the Caribbean Coast." Miranda · Apr 24, 2023
AndreaLisaMargothRafaja HannaFelipeMichaelWendyDavidMargaritaDean

Mexico Travel Agents

(79 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Mexico:
"From the initial response to my enquiry from Rene at Rutopia via kimkim that was within 24-48 hours (as compared to another travel company we have used before for South America that said it would take them 6 weeks to have someone contact me about customised tour) to the thorough planning with me and advice through to the support we received from Lisbeth while we were "on tour" was amazing." Jenny · May 25, 2023
"Jorge was great to work with and he did a wonderful job in understanding what we were looking for and planning accordingly." Martin · Mar 29, 2023
"Isabelle did the pre trip planning and it was such a simple process to end up with a perfect trip for us." Wendy · Mar 10, 2023

Chile Travel Agents

(182 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Chile:
"As kimkim relies on third party tour operators, you can imagine that there can be a few hiccups here and there, but it's how our personal representative (Jesse) handled those hiccups that was most impressive." Mark · May 22, 2023
"I am very satisfied with the service provided by Emilce and all the partners at KimKim." Guillermo · Apr 22, 2023
"We did so appreciate Jesse getting back to us for clarifications and reimbursements throughout the trip even when it happened to be on the weekend!" Marian · Apr 10, 2023

Peru Travel Agents

(349 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Peru:
"Jessica at Kim Kim was amazing throughout the booking process and all the way along." Paige · May 17, 2023
"The itinerary set up by Jessica worked perfectly." Bob · May 12, 2023
"Johanna, Kristy and Sonia are absolutely awesome they were very helpful and super informative Highly recommend all the drivers Jorge and Jose also that drove us around The best team ever" Umang · May 8, 2023
SteveKatyMartinaKristyJessicaJohannaJesusAnneNicholasLiz KarenFiorellaFrancescaRuthLupeCarolina

Australia Travel Agents

(49 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Australia:
"We have to thank their trip specialist, Connie, with whom we started communicating in late Dec." Ileana · May 6, 2023
"One of the best things we ever could have done was worked with Liz to organize our trip to Australia and New Zealand." Amelia · May 5, 2023
"We loved our trip to Australia and Connie was very patient and helped to plan the perfect trip for us." Dianne · May 3, 2023

Argentina Travel Agents

(146 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Argentina:
"We enjoyed the trip immensely including and everything was planned and executed well by Paul and the local guides." Max · May 8, 2023
"Special call out to our local specialist,Emilce." Jyoti · May 6, 2023
"Overall, Ana and the team at kimkim were responsive and lined us up to having a memorable and fun vacation in Argentina." Tucker · Apr 30, 2023

Thailand Travel Agents

(62 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Thailand:
"With very, very few inconveniences that were promptly resolved by our specialist Lacey." Shaula · Apr 29, 2023
"Working with Lacey to plan exactly what we wanted to do was one of the easiest processes." Kathy · Apr 8, 2023
"A huge thank you to Lacey and her entire team for making our trip to Thailand so special." Christine · Apr 2, 2023
CamelliaSens AsiaLinhHienLongSarunyaThaoAshleyLaceyKellyTomTrangAlexLucyTerryTinaSandySunnyKienElenaLinhJenny
New Zealand

New Zealand Travel Agents

(54 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for New Zealand:
"We were so happy to have connected with Liz!" April · May 29, 2023
"Liz did and amazing job providing us some amazing and memorable experiences!" Robert · May 26, 2023
"Vickie did a great job of helping us the few times things didn't go according to plan, which was very reassuring." Katharine · May 8, 2023

Ireland Travel Agents

(78 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Ireland:
"Dean organised an awesome 10 day adventure through Ireland for us." Tanya · May 28, 2023
"Owen planned an amazing trip for us." Jennifer · May 3, 2023
"Rachel took the time to talk with me several times in last minute plans and accommodate several child friendly activity requests." Mareen · Apr 13, 2023

Japan Travel Agents

(50 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Japan:
"Malissa did a wonderful job working with us to put together a fantastic itinerary for our ten-day trip through Japan (Tokyo > Hakone > Kyoto > Osaka)." Shaun · May 27, 2023
"From the beginning, working with John to agree on a 2-week trip plan that was best for us, to Kalinda's travel coordination including obtaining transportation and tour tickets, it was all done very efficiently and with good and prompt communication." maria · May 25, 2023
"Our specialist travel advisor Christine, started planning our trip from a blank slate…." Don · May 9, 2023
South Africa

South Africa Travel Agents

(72 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for South Africa:
"Wonderful service , I never used to book through an agency but Lucy really changed that for us… the recommendations the support and service all throughout our travels was on the highest levels and worth every penny paid." yousef · May 25, 2023
"Lindi, our coordinator, did a wonderful job of putting together some really nice B&B's for your trip to SA." Keith · Apr 15, 2023
"My wife and I just returned from an amazing self-drive tour to South Africa that was organized by Petru of Kimkim." Andrew · Apr 9, 2023

Ecuador Travel Agents

(193 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Ecuador:
"Our local specialist, Tamer, with KimKim, seemed to be available 24/7." james · May 25, 2023
"Alvaro was great in the organization of the trip." Xavier · May 24, 2023
"From the first time we communicated until the end of the trip, Tamer was wonderful!" Lee · May 21, 2023

Nepal Travel Agents

(511 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Nepal:
"Mera Peak trek - April/May 2023 From first to last Erin, Raj and Tendu ensured we had the experience of a lifetime." Melvin · May 15, 2023
"Amanda was wonderful planning this trip with us over a two year period, and it was fantastic to finally get to meet her after all that correspondence!" Wendy · May 5, 2023
"I highly recommend Sangita as a guide for anyone planning a trip to Nepal." Giacomo · May 3, 2023
NgimaRajAmandaPriyaSangitaKripaChhewangKunchokTashiErinSonam N.

Egypt Travel Agents

(89 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Egypt:
"Thank you Sherif for organising our trip to Egypt!" Veronika · Apr 23, 2023
"We started the discussion with Ibrahim, but then were in conversation with Amr." Sarika · Apr 19, 2023
"Sherif was an incredible tour coordinator." Sophie · Apr 14, 2023

Jordan Travel Agents

(318 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Jordan:
"Samir was very helpful with the planning, even when we had quite particular requirements and were changing the plans before committing." Elena · May 22, 2023
"For our family trip in Jordan, we were directed to Samir and Enjoy Jordan." Jeremie · May 14, 2023
"Samir helped plan a fantastic trip to Jordan for us." Nicole · May 8, 2023

India Travel Agents

(75 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for India:
"Ravi and Priya planned an unforgettable two weeks Golden Triangle - Rajasthan tour for me that allowed me to gain a deep appreciation and admiration for India's rich history and cultural contribution to our humanity!" Jana · May 28, 2023
"Our excellent travel planner, Ravi Tickoo, worked with us every step of the way to insure we were getting the vacation trip we wanted." John · Apr 18, 2023
"Jay, who organized our trip, placed us in terrific hotels with great breakfasts and wonderful service -- shoutout to Taj Palace in Delhi, and Trident Agra in Agra." Shannon · Apr 9, 2023

Scotland Travel Agents

(22 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Scotland:
"Luigi from KIM KIM made it all ." Sarah · May 13, 2023
"Marion and William did an excellent job creating a fully custom Scottish vacation of my husband and myself." Rachel · Apr 22, 2023
"Sarah was amazing to work with." Marcy · Mar 27, 2023

Patagonia Travel Agents

(72 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Patagonia:
"The trip was even better than I pictured it when Erin created the itinerary." Terry · Apr 12, 2023
"We took a boat excursion to Perito Moreno recommended by our kimkim agent, Erin." Devon · Apr 11, 2023
"Ana worked with two of us to identify great lodging and enriching experiences--all within our budget." Philip · Apr 3, 2023

Indonesia Travel Agents

(45 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Indonesia:
"Our Specialist: Theresa Theresa was so awesome from the beginning!" Henry · May 19, 2023
"Theresa was fantastic!" Megan · May 7, 2023
"Ana and the team at Shanti helped us plan and book a phenomenal trip through Bali!" Rebekah · May 2, 2023

Brazil Travel Agents

(42 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Brazil:
"It was so easy and lovely working with Rachel especially when we had a missed connection late at night and having to rearrange travel plans." Mackensie · Mar 29, 2023
"It was excellent - again Rachel's help was invaluable, she was always available to answer our questions." Alison · Mar 3, 2023
"We had a great trip thanks to the help we received from Rachel." Alison · Mar 3, 2023
Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands Travel Agents

(78 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Galapagos Islands:
"Tamer is the most amazing travel consultant I have ever worked with for a trip - I've been to over 60 countries and I have to say, hands down, Tamer ensured ever aspect of the trip was covered." Patte · May 24, 2023
"Tamer did an excellent job planning and arranging our trip." Laura · May 22, 2023
"Our local specialist, Linda, was amazing to work with and very responsive to our questions." Will · Apr 26, 2023

Guatemala Travel Agents

(79 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Guatemala:
"Eduardo did a great job with the logistics and we were moved from point to point without any difficulty." Theresa · Apr 17, 2023
"Eduardo was so wonderful to work with, very knowledgable and easy to communicate with." Kelly · Apr 14, 2023
"Catherina did a wonderful job planning a week in Guatemala with an itinerary that was customized for our needs." Rebecca · Apr 12, 2023

England Travel Agents

(18 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for England:
"Stephen, primarily, and the High Point team did a great job planning." Kenneth · May 20, 2023
"The planning of the trip was really well done - good communication with the team, primarily with our #1 guide, Jane." Barbara · May 17, 2023
"Owen and Emily did an excellent job planning our trip to Liverpool, which they had to plan twice since the soccer game we had planned to attend was cancelled." Susan · Apr 27, 2023

Turkey Travel Agents

(30 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Turkey:
"Berat did an excellent job with our itinerary and was very flexible when we had to change our dates." Robert · May 22, 2023
"Berat was our KimKim travel planner, and she organized an experience for us that we could have never arranged on our own." Janna · May 13, 2023
"She readily adjusted our itinerary in response to our needs and was very accommodating for one of our reluctant travelers :) KimKim made it easy to plan and Berat, our trip designer was extremely responsive and helpful." Katherine · May 9, 2023

Cambodia Travel Agents

(36 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Cambodia:
"The local expert Steve planned a wonderful multi-city stay that included famous sites and even a circus and all transfers were flawless." Julie · Apr 28, 2023
"An excellent trip to Cambodia with Steve from Kimkim." Nimi · Apr 14, 2023
"But after I found Kimkim and Steve, our tour planner, the holiday came together so beautifully and without hassles." Deepa · Mar 22, 2023
CamelliaSens AsiaSteveLinhHuyenLongThaoAshleyLaceyKellyTomTrangMinhAlexTerrySandyLinhJenny
The Netherlands

The Netherlands Travel Agents

(22 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for The Netherlands:
"Bas from Beat The Dutch did such a great job matching expectations to our budget." Patti · May 29, 2023
"Trip planner/co-ordinator, Mieke, has been very professional and patience in putting the trip plan together over more than 2 years, due to multiple disruptions such as COVID-19 locked down." Jasmine · May 12, 2023
"Mieke organized a wonderful trip through the Netherlands & Belgium." Anne marie · May 11, 2023

Philippines Travel Agents

(31 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Philippines:
"Cami, our local specialist was very professional and organised meaning that we could relax and have a great time." Bianca · May 21, 2023
"Our experience with Kim Kim and our travel advisor, Cami was beyond our expectations." Terry · May 12, 2023
"Thank you so much to Leo for organising a truly memorable adventure of a lifetime!" Christopher · Apr 26, 2023

Switzerland Travel Agents

(14 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Switzerland:
"Our Switzerland expert, Valentine, was amazing and put together the perfect trip for my mother and me." Vanessa · May 19, 2023
"I want to say a big thanks to Tomaz's time and effort in planning my Switzerland trip." Norica · Feb 16, 2023
"We predominately worked with Tomaz & Zala." Anne · Dec 28, 2022

Bolivia Travel Agents

(33 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Bolivia:
"Camila was fantastic!" Jessica · May 16, 2023
"I cannot say enough about the amazing experience I had with Camila!" Collins · May 13, 2023
"From the start I was impressed with Camila." Sheryl · May 7, 2023

Finland Travel Agents

(17 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Finland:
"Moonika was the agent assigned to us and she has been there 24/7 answering all our queries and meeting us when we visited Estonia." Clare · Apr 14, 2023
"Moonika was so helpful and customized our trip with all of the adventures we wanted while in Lapland." Sue · Apr 3, 2023
"Moonika helped us plan some amazing excursions and we had a great time." Jillian · Mar 31, 2023
British Columbia

British Columbia Travel Agents

(6 reviews)

Kenya Travel Agents

(19 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Kenya:
"Joseph did a wonderful job of helping me put together the adventure of a life time in Kenya." Aya · Mar 31, 2023
"Joseph worked with me to create an eclectic trip that catered to our unusual needs." Carmel · Jan 7, 2023
"Joseph and Susan worked so hard and so patiently with us to make sure we got to do and see everything we wanted to." Shana · Aug 21, 2022
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Agents

(89 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Sri Lanka:
"Dhanushka put together a tailored tour helping us out until and after the booking for a great honeymoon vacation." Cenker · May 11, 2023
"Dhanushka has been an amazing help in planning the trip, and he was always reachable and responsive, he made sure to make regularly check-up on us, and accommodating to every request we had." Sulaiman · May 8, 2023
"Yasantha was in touch with our guides throughout and had been in touch all the time as we planning." Kyla · Mar 30, 2023

Bhutan Travel Agents

(68 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Bhutan:
"Mieke was a great agent." julie · May 23, 2023
"Vishal worked tirelessly to make changes to my itinerary as my circumstances changed." Brian · May 18, 2023
"Vishal and guides, Tek and Ngawang, were consummate hosts." Thomas · May 15, 2023

Panama Travel Agents

(15 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Panama:
"The itinerary and service provided by Reyna was excellent." Karen · Mar 20, 2023
"Beginning with Zulmy who put together a trip that was well suited to our interests." Jeffrey · Feb 20, 2023
"Reyna was awesome from the start." Luke · Jan 15, 2023

Germany Travel Agents

(11 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Germany:
"I initially tried to plan our trip with US travel agents, but they could not put together a plan that was anything close to the options and personalization that Tomaz and his team did." Karla · May 4, 2023
"We started our trip with a flight cancellation due to an airport strike, but our Kim Kim team, Tomaz, Mojca and Zala made the necessary arrangements and delivered a wonderful experience!" Ana · Feb 21, 2023
"Zala and Tomaz planned an excellent, detailed itinerary with transportation, tours and lodging." Liza · Jan 2, 2023

Namibia Travel Agents

(8 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Namibia:
"Namibian Adventure To Lize Enderstein and Cindy Botha, a huge THANK YOU !" Peter · Oct 5, 2022
"An amazing trip plan was put together by Lize and team to navigate us through 3 weeks of Safari, wildlife viewing, amazing accomidation and so much more." Nick · Sep 12, 2022
"The Kimkim team and Petru in particular quickly proved that all of my biases against travel agencies were wrong." James · May 17, 2021

Tanzania Travel Agents

(7 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Tanzania:
"Interactions with Taf during the trip were very efficient." Iwona · Sep 12, 2022
"We want to thank Magic Africa and Vivian Kironde for helping to coordinate, schedule, recommend and provide us with an unforgettable trip to the cradle of life." Marcello · Jul 30, 2022
"Taf had planned the most perfect trip for us, it truly felt like a dream." karen · Jul 15, 2022

Canada Travel Agents

(4 reviews)

Malaysia Travel Agents

(6 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Malaysia:
"Nick did an excellent job of creating an itinerary that suited us." Micheline · Apr 1, 2023
"Many thanks to Nick for all of his help and guidance in planning our trip." Elizabeth · Feb 15, 2023
"Thank you Theresa, for planning a seamless trip very last minute for me and my daughter to Malaysia." Juel · Jan 1, 2023

Slovenia Travel Agents

(57 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Slovenia:
"Our account manager Nikola was detail oriented, professional and extremely pleasant to work with." Evan · Dec 27, 2022
"Domen and Slotrips put together a great itinerary and experience in lovely Slovenia." Caleb · Oct 1, 2022
"Miha organized a fantastic trip for my wife and my honeymoon in Slovenia." Dave · Sep 12, 2022

Belize Travel Agents

(5 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Belize:
"Eduardo made the itinerary to fit my needs and interests, and even adjusted it as needed!" Carly · May 6, 2023
"Eduardo was helpful before, during and after the trip." Marija · Feb 28, 2023
"From the inception of our idea to travel to Guatemala, Eduardo was incredibly responsive, receptive and flexible in creating an itinerary that matched our desired level of adventure and relaxation." Weston · Feb 28, 2022

Israel Travel Agents

(8 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Israel:
"They put us in touch with Samir, who was able to deliver a travel package that surpassed all our expectations." Cindy · Apr 23, 2023
"Samir tailored the type of trip was asked for through Israel abs paired us with an amazing driver and Jerusalem guide." Claire · Nov 16, 2022
"First of all, I want to say thank you to Lena for sticking with us!" Danielle · Mar 1, 2020
the United States

the United States Travel Agents

(11 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the United States:
"My best friend, my dog, and I took an unforgettable road trip through California, all thanks to our incredible travel specialist Leo!" Olivia · May 21, 2023
"Leo, was a pleasure to work with from start to finish." Robyn · May 5, 2023
"Leo was amazing in putting together a seamless and unforgettable national parks trip." Michelle · Nov 17, 2022

Sweden Travel Agents

HalldórSilvíaElisa Guðlaug SnælandVeronika
the Dominican Republic

the Dominican Republic Travel Agents

(4 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the Dominican Republic:
"Our trip to the Dominican Republic was amazing thanks to Kimkim and our local travel specialist Marina." Arlette · May 2, 2023
"Marina and her team made me feel very well taken care of and safe while visiting the DR solo!" Carly · Jun 22, 2022
"Marta was an absolute pleasure to work with." farah · Jul 22, 2021

Nicaragua Travel Agents

(10 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Nicaragua:
"Reyna did a great job capturing who we were and the kind of experiences we were looking for - we felt like we had great exposure to authentic Nicaraguan customs and life." fern · Mar 23, 2023
"Reyna worked closely with me to accommodate my needs and always made sure everything is okay and if anything else is needed." Keyla · Jan 1, 2023
"Reyna was a great agent through both the planning of this vacation and during the trip itself." Chris · Dec 24, 2022
the Azores

the Azores Travel Agents

(17 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the Azores:
"Beatriz was wonderful and responsive as we tweaked the itinerary together." Rachel · May 8, 2023
"Everything went well the canyoning was a very good and the best experience , the whale watching was not so good as the boat got broken in middle of ocean and needed to wait for 40 min for someone to tow the boat back which took more than an hour , the boat was basic and old compared to the other boat you see in the Marina doing the same service I hope this helps thanks a lot" Majid · Aug 6, 2022
"I would happily refer Kim Kim and Picos de Aventura to anyone who asks!" Jonathan · Oct 11, 2017

Wales Travel Agents

(5 reviews)

Belgium Travel Agents


Rwanda Travel Agents

(5 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Rwanda:
"Agnes did a wonderful job helping me plan my trip!" Jennifer · Jul 16, 2019
"I booked a 6 day trip with Umoja to visit Rwanda together with my girlfriend Agnes was very responsive on the KimKim chat at helping me tailor the trip I wanted (seeing some of Kigali, chimps in Nyungwe, gorillas and golden monkeys in Volcanoes NP), and the quote from Umoja combined with KimKim's relatively modest commission made the trip much cheaper than comparable quotes I got from traditional agencies." Kiran · Feb 25, 2019
"Booking was incredibly easy and safe and Agnes (who organised the tour) followed up and kept in contact to ensure everything ran smoothly and that we were comfortable." Sarah · Dec 10, 2018

Uganda Travel Agents

(11 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Uganda:
"Lucy organised a most fantastic itinerary for us in Namibia and Mauritius." Dee · May 2, 2023
"Thank you, Taf, for coordinating this entire trip for us." Nancy · Aug 23, 2021
"My initial contact was Anne; which now I consider her as part of my family." Ivette · Jun 3, 2021

Romania Travel Agents

(28 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Romania:
"Florin was great." Donna · Apr 30, 2023
"All the credit for the success of this trip was due to Florin Preda, our travel guide ( with the useful attendance of travel guide Bogdan Pistritu ), not only for his excellent selection and modification of activities (due to weather problems), but also for the remarkable sensitivity he always showed to attend our special needs during the tour." Francisco José · Apr 4, 2023
"We will like to thank our guide Florin for making this trip a fantastic experience." ivonne · Mar 22, 2023

Hungary Travel Agents


Mongolia Travel Agents

(16 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Mongolia:
"Adiyabold and his team were amazing in providing an excellent trip in Mongolia and making our honeymoon very special." elena · Jul 5, 2022
"Adiyabold and team were excellent" Wayne · Aug 27, 2019
"Oyunerdene has been a saint for helping us see the best of Mongolia." Trina · Jul 10, 2019

Fiji Travel Agents

Czech Republic

Czech Republic Travel Agents

the Faroe Islands

the Faroe Islands Travel Agents

(18 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the Faroe Islands:
"Francesca organised a fabulous trip to the Faroe Islands for us." Tanya · May 28, 2023
"From the moment I started planning, to the day we left, working with KimKim, Tummas, David, and Eydun couldn't have been better." Jenn · Aug 30, 2021
"Our guide, Tummas, was pure joy." Kathi · Jul 18, 2021

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Ethiopia Travel Agents

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Recent traveler reviews for Ethiopia:
"Its has been amazing 12 days trip with Mihiret being a tour guide and organized by Marco." Solovkin · Oct 7, 2018
"Marco was so helpful and always responded very promptly." Jen · Jun 25, 2018
"Marco and Yirga were very helpful, flexible, with a constant smile, and looked after us the whole time." Virginie · Jun 4, 2018

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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Travel Agents

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Recent traveler reviews for United Arab Emirates:
"Pradeep was great with planning our trip." Patricia · Sep 9, 2022
"Pradeep was an amazing, patient and most gracious host." Kenitra · Dec 23, 2019
"Pradeep is the best host ever!" Crystal · Dec 16, 2019

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Agents

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Recent traveler reviews for Zambia:
"Paul, Mack, Davies, Chloe and Costa ensured we had a great stay here too." Jill · Aug 6, 2022
"The trip planned for us by Deborah and Tara at Elgin Africa was amazing." andrew · Nov 20, 2019
"We recently traveled to Zambia and I want to highly recommend Chloe and Off2Africa." Sara · Jul 18, 2019

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