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Zehra Alper

I have been more like a traveler until I met Unison Turkey. In my college years, I was a traveler, mostly exploring Turkey. After gaining enough experience, I wanted to make use of my experiences, as well as my enthusiasm towards tourism. Now, I work as a Assoc. Project Executive, and I am happy to be able to blend my experiences with a beautiful product and share it with Unison Turkey guests!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Turkey. I was born & raised in Turkey, and travelled all across the country throughout my personal & professional life. My main specialties are:
Southeastern Turkey Tours,
Coastal Tours and Blue Cruises,
Culinary Tours,
History & Culture Experiences."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I love traveling! When all my friends have been investing in buying houses, nice cars, and all those fancy possessions, I have kept traveling. After all those years, I have learned what it is to be a tourist; and that is the perspective we strive to have at Unison Turkey: “What would a tourist love to do?”. I have to admit that Turkey is a wonderful tourist destination. You would find whatever you are looking for: culture, history, nature, unique cuisine, all types of different climates, you name it. So, I decided to use my experiences to provide better tours to the travelers coming to Turkey. Now, I am a proud member of Unison Turkey!"

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